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Measuring exhaust back pressure

This information is provided as a general guide; if you need more specific information please call our toll free number for technical assistance.

How to do it:

Remove the front oxygen sensor; if it is a V style engine or has multiple catalytic converters remove each of them individually.

Test the back pressure between the engine and the catalytic converter using a back pressure test kit. If you do not have a back pressure test kit any low pressure gauge will work.

Warm up the engine and run it at a steady 2200 rpm, then read the gauge. 1-2 pounds is acceptable, but anything over 2 pounds means there is a restriction.

Why checking the back pressure is important:

When you are replacing an engine it is extremely important to check the exhaust back pressure. A restricted exhaust system means that the exhaust system is not functioning properly which can lead to premature engine failure including burnt valves or blown head gaskets. Engine failure caused by a restricted exhaust system is not covered under your warranty (no matter who you buy the engine from!) so it is in everyone’s best interest to measure back pressure when installing a new engine.

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